There is always a moment in childhood when a door opens and lets in the future. As a young boy, I stood on the shallow banks of the Missouri River and stared into the small currents running contrary to the main flow, sometimes rotating into furious whirlpools.

Some 45 years later, I transcended the limits of memory, finding expression in the very elements that surrounded me as a child. In the art of assemblage I use the various natural components each united by the common characteristic of having grown around us, often without the encouragement or interference of man. Through the process of gathering, cutting, intense weaving and wiring, I manipulate these elements to achieve an ultimately new essence of form and texture… simultaneously… organic and ironic.

Inspired by the 13th century poet Rumi, I have created my own aesthetic philosophy. Because of the repetition involved in my work I have found my own personal form of prayer. Living within this honesty, I have uncovered a bond with nature and God.


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